3 things in your wardrobe to get rid of

3 things in your wardrobe to get rid of

Do you, like me, have a wardrobe full of clothes that you’ve kept forever but they don’t fit or clothes that you actually don’t like?  Then you will love these tips on how to get rid of old clothes and update your wardrobe.  I read this on the Oprah site and I thought it was written for me so I had to share.

First of all, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, or that you hate but are keeping “just in case” because “you just never know” – how often have I said those words to myself.  If you haven’t worn it in six months then give it away.  Make room for new things and manifest the room in your wardrobe  There are loads of charities that could benefit from the stuff that doesn’t fit or that you hate that are hanging in your wardrobe.  Think of the feel good factor you’ll get from that.  If cash is really tight why don’t you use one of the “cash for clothes” websites that will buy your clothes and sell them for you.  Or if you’re a dab hand with Facebook why not use Facebook marketplace – its free to use!

You could also trade or swap clothes – that dress you want to get rid of is perfect for one of your friends.

Stop buying clothes that don’t fit you just because they’re cheaper.  You try it on, it doesn’t fit and you still say – that’s ok its only £5….I might wear it.  Its complete madness, because you know you will never wear it.  Not buying the dress that is going to fit “five pounds from now” really has an impact on your confidence.

Have you ever had a day where you clear out your wardrobe and get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn for six months, or clothes you know you will never wear or they don’t fit?  I wish I could bottle that feeling when you’ve finished the task.  Its a “light” feeling, a feeling of renewal and accomplishment.  If they sold that feeling in bottles I’d buy it!

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3 things in your wardrobe to get rid of – start today.



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