Want to lose weight – what is your why?

Want to lose weight – what is your why?

Are you on a diet?  Are you trying to lose weight?  Let me ask you a question, do you know why you want to lose weight?  What’s your goal – be specific – what’s the number in your mind?

I listened to an interview today with Hot Women Rock’s Pat Duckworth and entrepreneur Elliot Kay where Elliot shared what a client had told him about her weight loss journey.  She said “I’ve learned to be happy to lose weight and not to lose weight to be happy”.

Like every goal we set ourselves in life, we fundamentally have to know why we are doing it.  If you know your why, then the bumps on the road will be easier to understand and deal with.  Because, lets be clear whether its weight loss, eating healthier, getting fit – there will be obstacles in our way that may hinder our achievement of that goal but the road to success is never straight and it is always under construction.

If you do have a goal to lose weight and you are finding it harder to remind yourself why you want to lose weight (apart from just being lighter) here are some of the “non-scale” victories from losing weight you could be achieving:

  • Your clothes are looser;
  • You have more endurance;
  • Your rings are looser;
  • Inches have been lost – everywhere!;
  • People ask if you’ve lost weight;
  • You feel healthier;
  • You have more energy;
  • You can lift heavier;
  • You love a new, healthy food;
  • Working out is fun – – you actually look forward to it!.

Decide on what your why is and write it down, make it the screen saver on your laptop and mobile so that when obstacles get in the way remind yourself ow great you will feel when the weight is gone and you can tick all the boxes!

If you are looking to get healthier get in touch with me and I’ll share how my husband lost 19lbs in six weeks.  And there were more benefits than just weight loss.

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