Time to Reset your Life

Time to Reset your Life

Across the population, there is a move towards empowerment as people recognise that in a world of increasing uncertainty, they need to take control of their lives and Reset.”

A report by Britain Thinks and Investec Click & Invest, reveals unprecedented numbers of people are making huge changes to their lives because they have greater confidence in their own abilities, despite economic uncertainty, changing work patterns and less job and financial security.

This has fostered a stronger ‘can do’ attitude in society, and the report describes this trend of more people making radical changes to take control of their lives as ‘Resetting’.   Encouragingly there is no age limit to this.  Over one third of the British population have already ‘Reset’, and a further 32 per cent of the population are planning to make major adjustments in the next five years.  Changing to a more rewarding career, setting up a new business or even turning a hobby into a profit-making venture.

This research certainly reflects the reality in our household.  After many years of honing our skills, knowledge and expertise we were convinced that there was another way.  We always worked hard so that was not a problem but taking back control was important.   We didn’t have a “hobby” that we wanted to pursue.  Creating time for hobbies was one of the drivers.

Fast forward to today and my job has become my hobby.  Sharing health and wellness and making a difference in peoples lives.  It is just so rewarding.

As Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or your cant – you’re right”.  Mindset plays a huge part but I did it and so can you.