A Lawyers Case for Network Marketing

A Lawyers Case for Network Marketing

I have just read a book called “A Lawyers Case for Network Marketing” by Pamela Barnum.   Pamela is a successful leader in her network marketing company.  But she was also a police officer (before she was recruited into the drug unit), a lawyer and a federal crown prosecutor in Canada.   I hasten to tell you that she is not a leader in my own business Organo.  but I thought this book and her research would be of interest to all network marketers and those seeking to understand more about our industry.   Why did Pamela go into network marketing, an industry she had never been interested in?   Her story will be familiar to many of us.  Sixty hours a week in her job, missing family time and her products got her excited about the network marketing opportunity.

I have worked in the corporate world and I also own a franchise and understand both business models very well.  Right from when I first got involved because of my passion for my products, it was clear to me how equitable the network marketing model was.  There are no qualifications required, no discrimination in terms of sex, religion or colour and there is a small financial investment to start your own business.  You are in your own business but you are not on your own because there is great leadership showing you how to grow your business and develop yourself.  Network marketing is about personal growth helping everyone reach their own goals, at their own speed.

Pamela, like me, hates hype.  So many of us in network marketing have seen how our products transform people’s lives but Pamela stressed how important it was to not over-state or over-sell what we have to offer.  As an industry we are under scrutiny and there is no need to over-hype.  “Under promise and over deliver” and raise people’s curiosity.

As a business model, network marketing is leading the way and other business models are following us.  Uber, for example, is the world’s largest taxi firm but does not own one car;  AirBnB is the world’s largest hotel chain but does not own any property; Amazon is going to dwarf Target, Wallmart and CostCo by trading online.  In the UK you could swap out those retailers for our own high street retailers.  Traditional brick and mortar business models are shifting – how many anchor stores are closing because they cannot compete with the internet.    And how many jobs simply no longer exist because of technology.  Make no mistake though people who have networking skills will always be in high demand.

Eight out of 10 women will make purchasing decisions based on a referral, think of the decisions you are making right now.  I buy from other network marketers and not just because I am supporting a small business, but because the quality of the products is unparalleled.

To all network marketing ladies of WIBN I want to follow the example of Mrs Earlene Buggs of Organo and the iWIN brand, who is passionate about showing female entrepreneurs how to use their collective efforts to have a global impact.  Let’s lock arms and lift each other up!  Our business model is one to be celebrated!

Michelle Buchan

www.alawyerscasefornetworkmarketing.com and use the code Sonia to get free shipping and donate 10% to Women United for Change organisation – women empowered in developing countries starting their own businesses.