Four Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Last

Four Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Last

Happy New Year! Still going strong on those New Years Resolutions?  No?  Is this what happened last year?  Why do you think that happens year after year?

Reason 1: Your resolution is unspecific.

“I want to get healthier”

“I want to look better”

“I want to be happier”

These are all typical examples of the vague resolutions that people make every single year. When your goal has no clear and defined end result, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay motivated and complete it.

Reason 2: Your resolution is unrealistic

“I’m going to hit the gym 10 times a week” (after going 10 times total the previous year)

“I’m going to become a professional hockey player” (without knowing how to skate)

“I’m going to cook healthy meals 3 times a day” (despite working 10 hour days and not knowing how to turn on your stove)

Setting tough goals is a good way to challenge yourself, however your goals must remain in realm of reality. Goals that are unattainable will set you up for failure before you even begin.

Reason 3: There’s never a plan

It’s very easy to come up with a resolution, but with no plan on how to achieve it, it’s nearly impossible to reach your goal.  For example, people want to eat healthier, but there’s no plan to buy healthier groceries or to stop eating at fast food restaurants.  Coming up with a resolution is the easy part — creating a plan for success is where so many people fail each year.  I remind friends of the number one rule in nutrition is to audit your kitchen.  Get rid of all those chocolates and cakes given as gifts at Christmas for a start.  It is always telling when they say that would be a waste and that they will start their diet when the chocolate is finished.

Reason 4: Nothing ever changes

If you’ve failed at upholding your New Year’s resolutions in the past, what will make this year any different?

At the beginning of January everyone is incredibly committed, but as weeks go by, people start to lose interest and motivation begins to wane.  This cycle repeats itself every year until we officially throw in the towel on our resolution.

So is it possible to make a New Year’s resolution and actually achieve it?

Of course it is. All you need is a goal, a plan, and a system and I’d like to help.  If your resolution is to lose weight I’d love to help you.  Get in touch and lets have a chat about how I can help.

Four reasons your New Year’s Resolutions don’t last – what’s your main reason – be specific!!!

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