About Ian Arundell

Ian Arundell

The years I have spent in various sales roles have been enjoyable. This demanding but rewarding profession enables me to help people improve the skills they require to excel in their sales career.

I give all news starters three pieces of advice:

1. Know your products and/or services inside out;
2. Become an expert in your market place;
3. Carry out your tasks with enthusiasm.

In my experience, if you do these three things well then you will achieve the goals you set yourself and form firm foundations from which to grow and succeed.

I have built an enviable client base across all business sectors. I have a wide and deep knowledge of this profession gained working across a number of industries.

Ian has mentored many sales professionals throughout their sales careers. A common question I’m asked when they are starting their career is “how can I gain experience” 

For Companies

I get a real pleasure from helping companies identify how they can improve their sales revenues. Being results driven I look for clearly identified outcomes that are designed to capture market share and importantly drive revenues to a profitable conclusion. 

For Individuals

How do you get experience when you are just starting out?
Have you ever been for an interview and the interviewer asks you the dreaded question…..What experience do you have?
Honestly! How can you answer that honestly when you are trying to break into the world of sales and marketing?
As a sales director I have interviewed many good candidates looking for an opportunity but they were often let down by the lack of training.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority they will attend numerous interviews wasting their time and money. That is the very reason I like to work with individuals looking to break into sales.

Through our extensive consultative approach we offer a full training service together with CV update and introduction to qualified experienced recruitment advisors.

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