About Michelle Arundell

Michelle Buchan

To Succeed

To succeed in any competitive environment you have to be ahead of your competition and put in the ground work and do your 10,000 hours and of course, have skin as thick as a Rhino because there are always your detractors waiting to knock you down even when you have succeeded and beaten them.


I have completed more than 10,000 hours and gained experience working at strategic levels in sales and marketing across the public, private and third sectors but what has given me most satisfaction is working with my own clients providing sales and marketing support.

Biggest Changes

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen over the years in sales and marketing is how we engage with prospects and how important your online presence is.  Googles “ZMOT” has demonstrates this and it’s the same for companies as well as individuals.  First point of call is the internet to find out who we are speaking to and what can we find out about them.

The Digital World

In today’s digital world, business development is more complex and you have to have more tools in your kit bag. An influx of social media over the past decade — from LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat — has enhanced the way we communicate with potential business partners, leading to quicker connections and serving as our primary method of research when looking to establish relationships.

Embrace Technology

If you want to increase sales and revenues, have more effective marketing then you have to embrace the digital world and get back in the game.

Proliferation of Social Media

from LinkedIn to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat — has enhanced the way we communicate with potential business partners and each other. But so many people continue to abuse the medium and turn off prospects.